Why Attend

ICSE – Transdisciplinary by Definition

ICSE 2019 is the first conference ever to be exclusively dedicated to Sustainable Entrepreneurship with a vision to start a movement where every entrepreneur is a sustainable entrepreneur. ICSE is transdisciplinary by its very nature and open to all streams of scholarship, practice and policy.

Whether you’re an academic, a student, a business leader, an entrepreneur or a policy leader, this is your opportunity to join our movement at its ground zero.

For Academics:

  • You will be able to share and learn from your peers the latest research related to how various forms of entrepreneurship can make a positive environmental and social impact while at the same time disrupting the current unsustainable status-quo. You’ll come out of the conference, inspired by the latest advances in the sharing economy, women entrepreneurship, indigenous entrepreneurship, social innovation, impact investing, the circular economy, etc.

For students and entrepreneurs:

  • Come to hear from the world leaders in sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation through keynote speeches, panel discussions and last but not least, a whole day dedicated to advanced workshops on the latest tools, frameworks, and methods on how to embed sustainability in the DNA of your nascent business as a lens for innovation and a source of competitive advantage.

For Policy leaders:

  • This conference will update you on the latest advances in sustainable development as they relate to innovation and new business creation, and how they impact and are impacted by environmental and social policies.

For Business and Industry leaders:

  • This conference will bring you up to speed on the cutting-edge science and practice of sustainability and how they might impact small and large businesses alike. It will also connect you with the change leaders that are driving that wave of change and give you the opportunity to be part of it.