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Wednesday, August 28 (afternoon)Welcome
Keynote Speaker - Greg Horowitt
Academy Workshops:
Sustainable Advantage – The Business Case for Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Flourishing Business Model Canvas – Sustainable by Design
Biomimicry Design – Regenerative Design & Innovation for Entrepreneurs
Impact Investing – How to Pitch with a Purpose
Pitch Competition - Preliminary Round
Wednesday, August 28 (evening)Welcome Reception
Thursday, August 29 (morning)President Panel - Mohamed Lachemi, Magda Fusaro, Ali Houshmand
Design for Sustainability Panel - Jacques Chirazi, Greg Horowitt, Alex Ralevski
Keynote Speaker - Abdul Karim Mohamed
University Incubator Panel - Abdullah Snobar, Xavier-Henri Herve
Thursday, August 29 (afternoon)Keynote Speaker - Ali Houshmand
Impacting Investing Panel
Pitch Competition - Final Round
Thursday, August 29 (evening)Awards Reception in Old Montreal
Friday, August 30 (morning)Biomimicry Workshop - Jacques Chirazi and Dr. Alex Ralevski
Oral presentations of submitted talks
Race to Flourishing: Startups vs. Large Companies - Lotfi Belkhir, Ondine Hogeboom, Antony Upward, Bob Willard
Keynote Speaker - Anni Sinijarv
Closing remarks